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Zanzibar project October UPDATE

October Review: What is there to report?

It is rainy season on the island … which makes the collection of the collected bottles and recycling under the open sky a bit more difficult. The main part of the roads are gravel & mud roads and these quickly turn into small rivers in heavy rain. But Zanrec doesn’t know any different, so they can act & plan accordingly. We are really glad to have them as our local partner.

The boys & girls of the two partner schools are not held back by the weather. They continue to diligently collect plastic bottles and throw them into the respective containers at the schools.

They have been able to pick up 467 kgs of plastic bottles in October. This corresponds to 15.566 plastic bottles, if we assume that a single plastic bottle has a weight of 30g.

There has been a cleanup as well.

This time it was the turn of Nungwi. 180 people took part in the waste collection campaign in the village. 184 kg of garbage & 3 jumbo bags full of plastic bottles (50 kg each) were collected.

In October there were school lessons on avoiding & recycling waste. There was also practical work at the landfill, where most of the garbage of Zanzibar ends up. Many of the kids are just learning for the first time what it means to separate and avoid waste. And why it is so important! And what different materials there are.

November – the last month in phase I

Our last month in Phase I has now started. Plastic bottles will continue to be collected over the next four weeks. A big CleanUp is still to come and also the workshops & teaching units continue.

In December we are going to have the final result. We will then know how many plastic fakes were collected & recycled, how much money was paid out to the two schools AND who was the winner of the little challenge. Because for the winners there will be a price! 🙂 But we will come back on that in December.

We can tell you one thing now … It will be followed by phase II. For this we have been in regular discussions and plannings with Zanrec for months and weeks. It will be amazing! And we will visit our project again in spring 2020 and start & help to shape phase II.

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