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What is a Plastikrebell?



Being a plastic rebel (in german: Plastikrebell®) means to be just a normal human being, who is absolutely aware of the problem of plastic waste, who has realized the problem and who, instead of keep on waiting for politics or industry, becomes active.

A human being who is ready to leave the individual comfort zone.

A plastic rebel picks up waste instead of just being angry about the fact.

Someone who “PICKS UP WASTE” instead of “KEEP ON WAITING”.
Someone who is READY FOR A CHANGE.



For almost everybody, the problem of plastic waste is not surprising and not new at all. Which is good.

However all of us should be aware that probably each and everybody is “a little bit guilty”. Even if we are absolutely aware that due to fact that we live in a “recycling country” and that we are missing those plastic waste mountains or rivers where you cannot see water because of plastic waste, it´s sometimes hard to imagine. But if you read this blog you will unfortunately realize that we´re still a bit guilty. And usually only if we accept we are ready to change.

As a first step everybody should get as many information as possible. It does not matter where, it´s important THAT you get yourself informed.


Why is there so much plastic waste out there? Aren´t the people in “the other countries” guilty? What about the recycling in Germany and other european countries? How come that there is so much plastic waste in our oceans? What are my options, what could I change in my daily routine? What is microplastic and where does it come from? What can I do when I travel?

The web is full of content about plastic waste and the consequent problem. Even we ourselves learn something new almost every single day. In case you wanna read more, just check out the blog.


Yes, the industry is flooding the market with sometimes stupid package variations. Yes, we need laws. Yes, the producing industry needs to start thinking in sustainable product circles (Cradle to Cradle) and change their products accordingly. Yes, all the polluters need to stop dropping their stuff in the environment NOW.

But from our point of view, also we, the consumers, need to be more responsible. So are we maybe polluters ourselves without being aware? Our receipt is the voting paper. We should take more responsibility for our own impact, we should help cleaning, being idols and motivate others.


Step by step, day after day. Remember – it´s not about banning all plastic products from our life. That´s bullshit. Change should be fun!

Get a reusable cotton bag, don´t use plastic bags even when offered, use soap bars instead of shower gel or shampoo in plastic, use eco cosmetics, drink tap water if possible or buy your drinks in glass or reusable PET. Try to buy unpacked fruits and vegetables, avoid single-use cutlery, cups and straws.

You will see – being a plastic rebel will be very easy and there will be a moment where everything is just normal without even thinking about it.

Nobody needs to be perfect – being a bit better might be enough. Cause if we all would be a little bit better, the overall problem would be less critical very soon.



The very first Ozeankind® CleanUp happened in November 2017. Together with very few people we have been able to cleanup more or less 200 kilos on a single day – at different spots, but at the same time. That´s the magic!

Since the beginning a total of more than one thousand people have participated in 36 countries and we all managed to remove more than 14 tons of rubbish. Why do we do what we do? We have a goal: until 2020 we wanna cleanup at least 50.000 kilos of waste from the worlds environment – together with you!


Everybody can be part of it. No matter where you live or where you are. Just go and cleanup some waste during the event weekend. No matter if you´re alone or with friends and family. Share the weight with us and the community on social media (Instagram, Facebook and use the event hashtags #ozeankind or #plastikrebell) or drop us an email with the collected weight.

From all the messages we will calculate a total weight.



More than 1.300 people are waiting for you in our Facebook Community!

We are a team full of motivated people, ready to change the world in our world full of single-use plastic. Get advices on how to avoid more single-use plastic in our everyday life from the community. Plus … there is so much motivation in our community. People do not just arrange private cleanup actions in different places here – recently we get messages from so many people reporting what they have changed and how much they have cleaned up yesterday. Those people prefer to share success stories instead of cat or fashion stuff.

And with the help of all those wonderful people we have removed more than 43 tons of rubbish from the environment, recycling it as good as possible.

Plastikrebell® Community