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Why you too should reduce waste – no matter where you live

Why you too should reduce waste – no matter where you live

The waste mountain in Germany has been growing for years. Especially our packaging waste per capita continues to rise. We are even the European champion in producing packaging waste. “Why should I reduce my garbage? We have a very good waste and recycling system. We’re the world champion recycler.” If these could also be sentences from you, we invite you to listen in this episode.

In this podcast we provide you with a handful of arguments – why you should reduce waste. Precisely because we live in a rich industrialized country. We discuss whether plastic waste has an impact on climate change, about German waste exports abroad and whether recycling is THE solution to all our problems.

You can find the facts & figures from this episode in our blog post. The mentioned plastic waste book for kids – which was, by the way, written by ourselves – can be found here.

In this episode, you will learn …

  • Why we in Germany have a certain obligation to reduce our waste
  • Whether plastic waste has an impact on the climate crisis
  • Where does our waste actually end up?
  • Is our german recycling system really that good?

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