Ozeankind® e.V.
Why Ozeankind? Why do we do what we do?



As you might know, environmental organisations can only exist due to donations and membership fees. And the “big guys” get a lot of these year after year!Greenpeace alone has received the incredible amount of 64.7 million € back in 2018 – check their report here.

However, also NGO have to cover some costs. Ideally these administration costs are very low – in order to make sure that the big share of the money can be used for the projects, which are obviously the reason why people donate or why they become a supporting member.

Obviously … the bigger the NGO, the higher the costs. No doubt about that. Of course. However we think that the money should be used for changes, projects and improvements people can see and understand and … which have an effect!


However, we cannot help ourselves … and we think that nowadays lots of people want to see more and more obvious results than five ships which cost 5.000 bucks a day, so 25.000 in total – per day, “only” to see divers showing signs saying “stop plastic waste now“.

People want clarity for their donations. Supporting organizations only to support organizations … is outdated. Some non-profits might use the funds for “any” project out of the NGO portfolio (so climate, poverty, health, panda bear or coal”) … and this might not be the topic I, as a donator, want to support. Do not get us wrong – all of these topics are important. But there is probably nobody who can take care of everything.

People might want more than just fingerpointing and the bashing of companies or governments.

All of the above might be a bit exaggerated (except the donation amount and the cost per ship) and for sure some of the organizations make a good job and the probably also do more than we know (but that is exactly the problem – we cannot know). And we are not evil ass – they all have their reason-to-be.

However, in the end also for us – this is not enough.

For more than 60 million Euro this … is … not … enough.

And generally we think that environmental protection needs to be visible and realistic – for everybody.

This is why we have founded Ozeankind® e.V.



Ozeankind® e.V. has exactly one topic: PLASTIC WASTE. No pandas, no toad save projects, no actions against nuclear power plants.

It is about real, visible and sustainable projects – all being listed on the blog or on our social media channels.

We promise that we will use each and every cent which is not needed for our low administrative costs will be used for the projects and investments matching our statute. Those projects and investments share one goal: cleanup, educate and creating more awareness on plastic consumption, littering or recycling.


Once there was this smart guy saying, that it might be dangerous and not a good idea at all … to fight each and everybody constantly. And we absolutely agree on that.

Ozeankind® e.V. has decided to be at least open for cooperations with manufacturers and/or companies – IF they meet our strict requirements (the Ozeankind® DNA).

Because we are sure that together you can achieve way more than alone. Making the world a sightly better place is much easier if you try to avoid seeing everything evil from the very beginning.


Our supporting members (level “Clownfisch” and above only) can use a monthly report the password-protected members area to see things like … how much money we have gotten in the past months, how much money was spent and on what, … How much was the latest flyer, how much was the last project, how much money did we spend on the german “Ehrenamtspauschale”? How much money did we get last month, how much money did we spend – and how?

You can get all these info in the membership area.

Also our wonderful donators get updates regularly, e.g. recently we have send a message to them with the percentages of our investments 2019 based on the total amount we have spend.

In case of questions, feel free to contact US. We will answer – 100%. Guaranteed. Since it is us answering our mails.

Additional Info, September 2019:


NGO money will never ever be used for private fun. Without any exception! However there might be people asking … find some brief info here.

When traveling to places for project work, to prepare local workshops or speeches … we use NGO money for that. Some examples …

Imagine we have been to Mauritius for two months. And then we decide that we would like to go to Malaysia – for no reason, just because. However, except project work, we do the same as we would do in Berlin, London or Cape Town. But anyway … … in this case we would pay transportation/travel cost as well as accommodation from our private money, no doubt.

we are in Germany and get the possibility, to do do a one-week plastic waste-awareness project together with a school class close to the North Sea. Since we go to the project place for the project and not for fun, we obviously pay the whole project from NGO money (and in order to do the project, we need to go there, come back and sleep somewhere). In case we like it there and in case we decide to stay for another three weeks (since for us personally it does not matter where in the world we live) – we pay the three weeks ourselves.

Sounds easy, doesn´t it?