Ozeankind® e.V.
Ozeankind® e.V. Projects with Children


Children are the best Plastikrebell® people!

Doing kids projects is our absolute favourite activitiy! What if our own children would ask us one day why we did not do anything to save the planet when we had the chance to – what would be our answer? That it all has been so tasty, that we just have put the apple into the plastic bag because it was raining so hard and we didn’t want the apple to get wet? That we have been waiting for superheroes or that the cruel shops have made it so hard for us to avoid plastic? That we did not want to use an app to check our sunscreen for microplastics due to the fact that this internationally-know sunscreen brand with the blue packaging and the yellow letters was simply cheaper and available all around the world?


No money can pay those moments – when you are telling kids about the problem of plastic straws and after your presentation they work into a shop to buy metal straws. When mothers in Africa are telling you that it´s their kids who teach and educate their parents how to use plastic and how to avoid unnecessary plastic waste. Kids Projects are simply the BEST!

When kids are collecting up plastic waste, they normally make a challenge out of it – they motivate each other and they´re incredibly keen on being the best. And this is something we can experience everywhere on the world.

And from our point of view, it´s also our damn duty to teach the adults of tomorrow something the vast majority of us adults of today have unlearned! We should educate the how to treat their environment – we should create awareness and/or increase the believe in the effect of their own behavior.

You can find a good choice of our projects with the best people of the entire planet in our blog posts. And guys, be curious … projects with children are our main focus for 2019 and beyond!