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Project Development Ozeankind . The NGO Ozeankind e.V. has been founded in October 2018 only! There is no way that we could expect to work on our first bigger projects already at this early stage. By the way – our supporting members ALWAYS know first about our plans and upcoming projects. But for all the other interested people out there … we have created this page. Everything you need to know.

But – you will never ever find a big number of projects here. Simply because we have decided that we will focus on selected and sustainable long-term DIY projects! Currently we have put our focus on Tanzania – to be more precise: on the island of Zanzibar.



What an absolutely stunning project in Zanzibar – in July we will team up with a local recycling company on the island to realize a recycling-, awareness- and cleanup project in the north of the island – together with two environmental projects! The project will take about five months in total and we will train a whole bunch of local plastic waste heroes! Cooperative workshops, regular cleanups, recycling lessons and much more – with the aim to sensitize the children for the topic, create awareness and prove to them that their very own can make a huge difference!

This long- and mid-term sustainable project is our focus! A big share of the donations and membership will be used to improve the waste situation locally.

We have been on Zanzibar for three weeks in July to start the project.

  • So what did we exactly do during our stay?
  • How is the project working?
  • What is this five-month project about, what is its agenda?

Find out more.

Update december 2019: phase 1 succesful.

We are very proud on this team effort! Together with the kids and the local recycling company we were able to collect more than 2.737 kgs of plastic bottles which are now going to be recycled in the best possible way. Check the detailed report.

Update February 2020: The Start of PHASE II!

First of all – obviously the first project phase in Nungwi will be continued. At least for six months, so until end of June 2020, we have funded the project .


Since February 2020 – the island has its first original SwopShop by Ozeankind® e.V. – the first one of its kind – the first one in the world!

The shop is about environmental protection and recycling – and about empowerment of the local kids! We want to clean the village, empower the kids, create more awareness and give plastic waste a value. In a SwopShop the children will get cool and useful THINGS instead of money or candies.

The shop beats two flies with one flap:

  1. We have hired two local ladies which did not have any job before. Based on the fact that on Zanzibar unfortunately women do not have a lot of power we have decided for two local ladies from the village. Unfortunately the role of women is very conservative, even today. Basically it means that the man usually has more power and more rights than the woman. Kids and household – the responsibilities of many women are just these two things. Thats it.
  2. Empowerment of the KIDS By collecting & delivering the plastic bottles, the children can choose things they want to have (without worrying how much it would cost)
  3. Dispose of plastic bottles from the environment. Less waste means less environmental & health damage. More environmental awareness and higher environmental education of the kids.
  4. Recycling plastic bottles. Our project partner Zanrec takes care of the collection of the bottles and at the same time prepares the recycling, which is then carried out on the mainland by another company. The caps of the bottles (plastic HDPE) remain on the island and are upcycled by Otzi into wonderful products
  5. Required goods go back into the community. Ozeankind e.V. finances these goods through monetary donations. We deliberately want to transfer money to our project partner for the purchase of the goods to strengthen the local economy. We can accept donations in kind under certain conditions only.

In case you wanna know more, just read this article.