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Ozeankind collects 50,000 kgs of waste

We made it.

Within two years we have managed to pick up more than 50 tons of waste. But with Ozeankind we don’t only the two of us, no … we also mean our great community as well as our project- and cooperation partners. Because all of them have a GIANT share in the fact that we have already reached our goal that early … on 30.10.2019!

It was in October 2017, shortly after our start into the Ozeankind project, when we we had the idea for a location-independent CleanUp in Thailand. A CleanUp in which really everyone can participate without having to make a long journey to a certain place of action. Because there is enough waste in our environment, and not only in Africa and Asia. We had the great wish to give a stage to people who already collect garbage, to give them a feeling that they are not alone AND that it does make a difference to bend down for garbage.

At the same time we had the desire to motivate & inspire as many people as possible (who may not have dealt with the topic before). By collecting waste one should gain a different environmental awareness and finally question & change one’s habits. So our Plastikrebell® CleanUp was born – and took place for the first time on Nov 15th in 2017.

21 Plastic Rebel CleanUps later we have now reached the milestone of 50.000 kgs of collected waste.

But it was not only the plastic rebel CleanUps of the last 2 years, but also our local Ozeankind® CleanUps & actions in Asia & Africa or in Germany. Not to forget the almost daily messages that reached us via Instagram, Facebook or email. It was our community! You have made our wish, our vision come true. You also went out “just because” to collect waste from your local environment. Whether or not it was “officially” CleanUp. It doesn’t get any better than this!

You’re plastic rebels!

Being a plastic rebel (in german: Plastikrebell®) means to be just a normal human being, who is absolutely aware of the problem of plastic waste, who has realized the problem and who, instead of keep on waiting for politics or industry, becomes active.

A human being who is ready to leave the individual comfort zone.

A plastic rebel picks up waste instead of just being angry about the fact.

Someone who just goes out and acts instead of being a talkative couch potatoe.
Someone who “CHANGES something” instead of “WAITING FOR OTHERS”.

Ozeankind collects 50,000 kg of garbage – and stops now?

Of course not. The counter is still fed with your activism. That was just the beginning of a plastic rebel revolution 😉 .

THANK YOU for participating, for questioning yourself, for changing.

Even if 50,000 kg of garbage is realistically a flyspeck, because every minute another truckload of garbage figuratively speaking gets into our oceans. It is about developing a different consciousness and to rethink & change your own consumption. Avoid waste and conservate resources should be our priority in the coming years to keep our planet worth living on.

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