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Our first big project 2019 – Zanzibar, Africa

A project about plastic bottles – together with two environmental schools in Nungwi and Kendwa.

We proudly present our first big project of the year – in the first year being an NGO! Earlier this year we have discussed which projects we could organize or support – from the money which was donated to our non-profit. The decision was made: we want to invest a big part of the money into this long-term project in Zanzibar. You wanna know more about the costs of such a project? Get the info in this post.

The decision was easy … we have been around the other year and back then we have met so many positive, interested and entusiastic people. Beside others we have met the guys from Zanrec Ltd. – they did not even recycle the waste we have picked up ourselves, we also organized a cool cleanUp together with a bunch of school kids. Make sure to check the video below.

The waste situation on Zanzibar

The group of islands (Pemba is also part of it) produces around 96.000 tons of waste. It´s estimated that due to lack of governmental responsibility and missing waste disposal system about 183 tons are illegally disposed in the environment.

Although plastic bags are not allowed on the island.

This does not only end up in environmental damage, but is also threatening the health of the people living on the island. Many people are actually living in the middle of rubbish, children are playing in and with the waste, animals are eating it … and the local veggies are planted on the same ground. Obviously – this cannot be healthy!

What the heck is Zanrec?

Zanrec Ltd. is a waste management- and recycling company with more than ten years of experience. Together with the local authorities they have established a working waste management system by collecting the waste of their partner hotels all around the island in order to separate and recycle it. Nothing nationwide, not the final solution, but a great start!

It is their goal to expand the environmental protection on the island in general also by supporting the eco-tourism projects in order to give future generations at least the chance to live in accordance with the beautiful nature. So their vision and our vision is an absolute match! Because we both want to raise the awareness for a more appropriate treatment of waste and the recycling of it, especially of the plastic waste.

With their work, our partners from Zanrec Ltd. cover three important parts of waste management:

Recycling – separation, recycling and awareness

  • Trade with plastic, glass and metal
  • Production of upcycling products out of waste, such as note pads, glasses or postcards
  • Composting

Waste Collection

  • Deployment of waste bins
  • Waste Collection
  • Support for hotels when it comes to waste separation

CleanUps and Education

  • Organization of CleanUps with schools, support of environmental classes
  • Cleaning of high-risk-waste-landfills

Project Description:

Our collaborative project with Zanrec is scheduled for five consecutive months. We will integrate two schools in the project, both located in the north of Zanzibar: Kendwa & Nungwi) The schools of both villages will be start a challenge and compete with each other.

The children will be held responsible to keep their village clean, especially free from disposed PET water and soft-drink bottles. They need to collect them … … in order to bring them to collection points where they will be saved in special containers. At least once a month Zanrec will come to both schools, weigh the collected bottles and buy the plastic from the schools for recycling – this also give the schools the needed money for improvements on and in the campus.

In addition to that, the school children will get some extra education about plastic, waste separation and the impact on the environment – by people from Zanrec. The kids will also learn how to avoid as much single-use plastic as possible, even in Africa and why it is so important. And … that you can even earn money from plastic. Of course they will also learn about the danger caused by the plastic pollution – this educational program will also be continued after the project.

During our five months project, there will be a cleanup once a month in the respective villages of the school, local people will be involved as well. Approximately around 200 people will participate in each cleanup, kids included.

The winner of the challenge will be announced at the end of the project. It will be the school which has collected the highest amount of PET bottles. Their price: together with teachers the kids will have the chance to visit an environmental protected area where they will be informed again about the importance of environmental protection by scientists. The visited environmental project will be a place they would probably never be able to visit (e.g. Chumbe Island) under normal circumstances. Of course both participating schools will get a very cool certificate for their efforts in the end.

For the planning, concepts and calculations … working hours were needed.

Cost Calculation

Including all of the actions described above we have calculated a maximum product budget of EUR 5.000 for the complete five months. This includes collection, recycling, transports, media, local marketing, licenses, etc. It also covers the costs of Zanrec Ltd.

For the start of the project, we will go to Zanzibar and stay for three weeks. We will be on the spot from July 8th to July 30th. We will place the containers and rubbish tons and organize everything around the project. We will do cleanups together with the kids and hold at least one speech. In order to do that, the following costs have been calculated:

  • Return flight 2 pax (Economy): 1.939,64 €
  • Trip to the airport with the train (when we come back it will be covered by Rail & Fly from German Railway): 90 €
  • Accommodation costs for 23 nights incl. breakfast in double-room: 975 €
  • 2 x VISA: 90€

Total cost estimation: 8.094,64 €

If additional cost apply, they will be covered by us personally.

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