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Our anniversary cleanup

Our Plastic Rebel CleanUp is celebrating its anniversary.

Time flies … ! About one year ago we´ve been traveling in Thailand – and we had an idea. Let´s bring an international cleanup into life! And this month it´s our anniversary. Our Plastic Rebel CleanUp will celebrate its first birthday in November. Today we will take you with us – into the world of our thoughts from that time.

After three months of traveling & picking up other people garbage we had the urgent wish to make an even bigger difference. Regardless of where we were. Organizing cleanups is not rocket science … but usually they´re local and have a time limit. So this needs to be improved! Because we wanted to give as many people as possible the opportunity to make a difference – wherever they are.

After our arrival in Thailand we were shocked by the sheer amount of garbage that was washed up on the beach of Koh Phayam every day. But that´s not all. The entire handling of disposable plastic left us more than once with our mouths open. Here is an article about the situation in Asia.

Bangkok – Cultural SHOCK

7eleven. Starbucks. Streetfood market. There seems to be no absolutely awareness of the global plastic waste problem here. At least not in the general population. It goes without saying here and is considered “hygienic” to consume plastic bags & straws in tremendously high quantities. The food at street stalls, the coffee-to-go or many convenience meals for singles in 7eleven. If 7eleven doesn’t tell you anything – it’s a combination of a gas station (without gas) and a supermarket. It’s open 24/7 and you can find it on every corner. They offer are single, plastic packed bananas, junk food, drinks, but also toothpaste and stuff. At the checkout you get usually unasked and faster you can look, at least two straws and heaps of plastic bags offered to transport the purchase home “safely”.

Here, Bangkok is for sure not an exception and in many Asian or even South American regions this is (unfortunately) quite common. So every day several tons of garbage, which unfortunately are not really further processed or even recycled, are produced.

After two weeks in Bangkok we went to a small, relatively non-touristic island close to the border of Myanmar. And we have been quite curious about the plastic situation over there. In this article you can more.

The idea for the Plastic Rebell CleanUp …

… actually came while being in Bangkok. Among other things, we have contacted some bloggers, shared our idea and invited them to join us in an international CleanUp to motivate everyone, wherever they are, to collect garbage. Some did not react at all, some said NO … but there were also the others: those who accepted our invitation immediately and supported us.

We are more than proud of this and grateful. You can see some of our supporters from the beginning on the image with their logos. Due to our anniversary, we would like to introduce these people to you.

Supporter No.1: Leaving Comfort Zone

Romy, Tobi & Mila have indeed been following our mission from the very beginning in August 2017. They have been on a world trip for 4 months and have participated in every single CleanUp event of us. In addition, they have changed their normal everyday lives into the sustainable version of life, they became plastic rebels and are trying to broaden their horizons every day.

If you don’t know this nice family yet, we would like to invite you to check their blog of same name.

Supporter No.2: Duschbrocken

We met one part of the company for the first time about one year ago, together with his girlfriend. Thanks to social media. Christoph & Nira (4legs2backpacks) have followed our mission from the start as well and they have also been part of our CleanUps from the very beginning. They have collected plastic waste on different continents. During their world trip they also got to know Johannes and together they brought a vision to life: THE DUSCHBROCKEN.

Johannes & Christoph are the proud founders of the Duschbrocken. We have been lucky to get an interview with them as well. Check it yourself!

Supporter No. 3: SoulCoverCO

Janine & Dennis, although they have been to the DNX event in Berlin in May 2017, we haven´t met them there. Only after the event – online – in social media. And we´re quite happy that we met them! They are two crazy globetrotters who have created a lifestyle brand for travelers with a green heart – SoulcoverCo. We did not ask them for too long and they were enthusiastic about the idea of the rebel CleanUps, so they always work hard during their travels.

Check our interview with the two guys and check their collection if you want.

Suuporter No. 4: Explainora

We love people who are committed to something, who just do it instead of just talk. Today we would like to introduce you to two super inspiring young women who are absolutely committed to the health of our blue planet: Wanda & Elli. By the way, the ladies have founded a non-profit association which combines education, traveling and helping.

Please read the interview!

For the cleanup anniversary they plan a very special event. If you come from the Chemnitz region or from close by, you are cordially invited to join this event: Autumn CLEAN UP in Chemnitz

When: Saturday, Nov. 24th – from 2pm
Where: Chemnitz – Schlossteich-Halbinsel

Supporter No. 5: 7seasrope

We met André at our first stop in South Africa in August 2017, of course during a beach cleanup. He is the founder of 7seasrope. Together with his team they organize cleanup events in South Africa and from what remains of ropes they find, they create bracelets. They are handmade and being sold in our shop exclusively for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can find the complete story here

Facts about the anniversary CleanUp November 24th/25th 2018

EVERYONE can join us – no matter if alone, with friends, with mom, dad, your kid or dog – just join one of the numerous plastic rebel teams. In many places of the world – also in Germany. It does not matter how long you are helping us. WEIGH, ESTIMATE and SHARE. After the work is done we want information about the garbage collected by you!

SHARE the place and weight in the event, on Facebook, Instagram or write a message or an email.


Should the disposal of the garbage collected in Germany cost you money, just send us the receipt (but we need it absolutely) and we will happy to refund the costs!

SAFETY first! Participation is always voluntary and we can’t assume any liability – this event is “only” the framework for your own CleanUps. Please always use gloves when collecting garbage and, if possible, grab tongs, do not enter private areas and always pay attention to traffic and your surroundings – collect garbage only in a safe environment. For example, if you see garbage lying in a place where you don’t think you can safely pick it up, leave it there. Each participant follows our call voluntarily and for private reasons – for any injuries/accidents such as broken glass or if you should fall or similar, we can take no liability.

Of course you can dispose the garbage at your home or ask in the hotel/restaurant, in the surf- or diving school, bring the garbage directly to the recycling yard or inform the city or the garbage collection.

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