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October cleanup action Ozeankind®

The 11th CleanUp from Ozeankind® e.V..

According to the slogan “Pick up plastic instead of rotting” we would like to invite you again to pick up plastic and other waste in the environment – together with all the other rebels from all over the world (yes, also and especially in Germany). Everybody can be part of it!

What is the Rebel CleanUp?

No matter where you live or where you are. No matter where you will be on this weekend! You can be part of the 11th Ozeankind® Plastikrebell® CleanUp on 27th and 28th October 2018 – 48 hours against plastic waste in the nature!

From all photos and messages you will send in, which are either sent directly to us after or during the event – or wherever we find the event hashtags #ozeankind or #plastikrebell this weekend (Instagram Stories, Facebook, in the community) … we will determine a TOTAL at the end again!

More than 600 people have participated in the eight previous events in the last months and collected more than 8 tons of garbage! What about you?

It does not matter when, how much or how long – just grab a bag and start! No doubt – there is no better place for waste than the nature!

Okay, but how does a cleanup event from Ozeankind® work?

27th and 28th October 2018
EVERYBODY can be part of it
EVERYWHERE in the world
IMPORTANT: after cleaning weigh your waste or make a good guess and share the weight with us – using the event-hashtags: #ozeankind oder #plastikrebell via Instagram, Facebook, Plastikrebell-Community, E-Mail or directly in the facebook event.

Info for disposal:
Depending on the place where you have participated … you can either take the waste home with you – or you can ask in a hotel, in a restaurant, surf school, diving school, boat rental – just ask them. Should the disposal of the garbage collected in Germany on October 27th/28th cost you money, please send us the receipt (we absolutely need it) and we will glad to refund the costs to you!
Or use the one of the official waste bins you can hopefully find.

SAFETY first! Participation is always voluntary and we can’t assume any liability – this event is “only” the framework for your own CleanUps. Please always use gloves when collecting garbage and, if possible, grab tongs, do not enter private areas and always pay attention to traffic and your surroundings – collect garbage only in a safe environment. For example, if you see garbage lying in a place where you don’t think you can safely pick it up, leave it there. Each participant follows our call voluntarily and for private reasons – for any injuries/accidents such as broken glass or if you should fall or similar, we can assume no liability.


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