Ozeankind® e.V.

Our blog is born!

7. April 2017

250 Facebook Fans

18. June 2017

Mission Plastic Waste has started

1. August 2017

We do not wanna just “travel around the world”. No, we want to remove plastic waste from the beaches and directly from the ocean – while traveling. 14.000 is the amount of plastic packaging waste the two us together have caused in our lifes until today – based on the german average We want to show that we can all together make the world a little bit better – when we manage to get up and take action!

Meeting our today´s partners and friends from 7seasrope South Africa for the first time

5. September 2017

500 Instagram Follower

23. September 2017

1st international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

15. November 2017

Our community picked up 153 kilos on a single day What do South Africa, Thailand, Israel, Egypt, Tasmania, Chile, Spain and of course Germany have in common? In the first moment maybe not a lot, but actually they one thing in common: they all have a lot of plastic waste!

2nd international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

10. December 2017

People in Malaysia, Bolivia, Greece, Portugal, South Africa, Zanzibar, Vietnam and despite thick snow cover also from Germany – we all have set a clear sign against plastic pollution and collected 977 kilos of garbage.

CleanUp Thulusdhoo Maldives – 450 kilos of rubbish

10. December 2017

CleanUp Dhiffushi Maldives – 4 (!!) tons of waste!

23. December 2017

3rd international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

26. January 2018

Small and big Plastic Rebels have been active on January 26th and 27th with the same goal: make our world a bit cleaner – hunting for plastic waste everywhere. Germany, Maldives, Vietnam, Philippines, Austria (finally), South Africa, Greece, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, Thailand, Zanzibar, Portugal, the UK and Malaysia. In the end there were more than 60 messages from different countries of our world. Final Result: 1.377,70 kilos of waste.

3.000 Facebook Fans

5. February 2018

4th international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

24. February 2018

14 countries. 533 kilos from Germany. 2.071,72 kilos in total, that is more than 2 tons in 2 days. Supported by Kuramathi Resort, ECO Center Kuramathi as well as from Parley (Maldives).

CleanUp with Kuramathi Resort Maldives – 725 kilos of (plastic) waste

25. February 2018

5th international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

24. March 2018

An amazing, but also shocking result again. 1.518 kg of waste. And again, a whole ton came from Germany.

6th international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

28. April 2018

Cleanup Time – Ozeankind® in Düsseldorf, other rebels worldwide! 763,89 kilos of rubbish – and we have been able to contribute 115,7 kilos from the Rhine only.

Environmental Day & CleanUp with the city of Monheim – 300 kilos of waste

6. May 2018

Speech & CleanUp Action. Together with 90 people (lots of them kids) we took action near the Rhine river. In the end we had more than 300 kilos, it was exactly 304,95 kilos of waste!

7th international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

19. May 2018

Last weekend we have organized the seventh official Plastikrebell® CleanUp – together with our partner, the “Travel Festival”. In partnership with Westufer, dem BlueBeach and around 90 other people we were cleaning up and anround the Kemnader See. 143,9 kilos of waste on a single afternoon! And again it was a total of more than half of a ton: 531,72 kilos

2.500 Instagram Follower

19. June 2018

8th international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

23. June 2018

533,29 kilos of rubbish on one weekend!

5.000 Facebook Fans

28. June 2018

9th international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

28. July 2018

In 9 countries people had one thing in common this weekend: cleanup garbage. Whether in Panama, Nicaragua, Spain, Austria, France, Norway, Scotland, Denmark or in our home country Germany. 394,25 kilos of waste have been cleaned and disposed as good as possible.

We have officially founded Ozeankind® e.V.

13. August 2018

10th international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

25. August 2018

Together we have cleaned up more than a whole ton within 48 hours. More than half of a ton in Germany.

3.500 Instagram Follower

9. September 2018

Our Ruhr CleanUp with the guys of Viva con Agua means 1,2 tons of waste!

9. September 2018

Ozeankind e.V. is officially an NGO!

22. October 2018

6.000 Facebook Fans

25. October 2018

11th international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

27. October 2018

Again we have been cleaning up an incredible amount: 1127,9 kilos of waste.

12th international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

24. November 2018

So together with our amazing community we have managed to pick up 1.456,05 kilo of garbage – within 48 hours only. The shocking thing about this number is how much of this waste has been collected in Germany: a whole ton of it!

4.000 Instagram Follower

7. December 2018

Sponsoring Member No. 50!

10. January 2019

6.500 Facebook Fans

22. January 2019

1st NGO project on Maldives

22. February 2019

2-day Ozeankind® e.V. project on Maldives – together with Reethi Beach Resort. Island-CleanUp together with employees of the Reethi Beach Resort, a whole school class from Kihaadhoo island, eight tourists … and the local NGO KiDS (Kihaadhoo Development Society)! In the end, at least 40 motivated people cleaned an uninhabited island which is normally used for excursions. On the second day we have decided to do a reef-cleanup on the house reef.

13th international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

23. February 2019

Again more than a ton – an amount of 1.159,23 kilos of waste was cleaned up on a single weekend!

14th international Plastikrebell® CleanUp

23. March 2019

The result of the 14th CleanUp event: 1.701,78 kilos of waste – more than 90% from recycling wonderland Germany.

15. weltweites Plastikrebell® CleanUp

26. April 2019

Auch am vergangenen Wochenende haben wieder einige Dutzend Menschen im Rahmen unseres monatlichen CleanUp Events den Müll anderer Menschen weggeräumt. Das Ozeankind CleanUp April. Fast anderthalb Tonnen Müll waren es am Ende – Plastikverpackungen aller Art, unzählige PET-Flaschen, Radkappen, BonBon-Papier, Kronkorken, unfassbar viele Zigarettenstummel und sogar ganze Kühlschränke … es ist jedes Mal aufs Neue erschreckend und überraschend, was alles so in unserer

16. weltweites Plastikrebell® CleanUp

24. May 2019

Auch am vergangenen Wochenende haben wieder einige Dutzend Menschen im Rahmen unseres monatlichen CleanUp Events den Müll anderer Menschen weggeräumt. Das Ozeankind CleanUp Mai. Etwas mehr als eine Tonne Müll waren es am Ende .

5.000 Instagram Follower

26. May 2019

100. Fördermitglied

26. June 2019

17. weltweites Plastikrebell® CleanUp

29. June 2019

521 kg wurden an dem wohl heißesten Wochenende ever von vielen Ozeankindern in ganz Deutschland gesammelt.

Sansibar Projekt startet

8. July 2019

RECYCLING-PROJEKT MIT ZWEI SCHULKLASSEN IN OSTAFRIKA. Ein Wahnsinnsprojekt auf Sansibar – gemeinsam mit einem lokalen Recycling-Unternehmen führen wir von Juli bis November 2019 ein Recycling Projekt mit zwei Umweltklassen durch. Gemeinsame Workshops und regelmäßige CleanUps – alles mit dem Ziel, die Kinder weiter zu sensibilisieren und Ihnen zu zeigen, dass Ihr eigenes Handeln sehr wohl einen wichtigen Unterschied macht.

18. weltweites Plastikrebell® CleanUp

26. July 2019

67,33 Kilogramm Plastik, Metall, Aluminium, Kleidung, Fahrradreifen, Grills, Verpackungen aller Art – es war wieder einmal ALLES dabei. Hitze vor allem. Zusammen mit den gut 500 Kilo Plastikmüll, die wir bereits am Donnerstag mit unzähligen Kids in Nungwi (Sansibar) aufgesammelt haben … war das insgesamt wieder mal mehr als eine halbe Tonne Müll beim 18. Plastikrebell® CleanUp!

19. weltweites Plastikrebell® CleanUp

24. August 2019

1.968,9 kg Müll wurde von vielen Ozeankindern und Plastikrebellen in Mexiko, Uganda, Norwegen, Dänemark & Deutschland gesammelt. 90% des Mülls stammte aus Deutschland. Wieder einmal.

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