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July CleanUp – the result

Can we crack the 20,000kg mark after our July CleanUp?

Time for action again! Time for our 9th international Plastikrebell CleanUp! Again, lots of motivated people went out to pick up plastic and other garbage from their environment. Despite high summer temperatures well over 30 degrees. But one important question we had before this last July weekend. Almost 500 kilos were missing for our next milestone – the overall 20,000 kilo mark. Did we make it?

In 9 countries people had one thing in common this weekend: cleanup garbage. Whether in Panama, Nicaragua, Spain, Austria, France, Norway, Scotland, Denmark or in our home country Germany. From the Baltic Sea and North Sea to the Rhineland and even further south.

We can’t say it often enough: THANK YOU.

Thank you to everyone who follows our mission and becomes the change they want to see in the world. Thank you for such a great community motivating and supporting each other again and again. Even if it sometimes seems like a fight against windmills. We are all of the opinion that doing nothing is absolutely no solution.

So, we have one good and one semi-good message for you.

Together we have been able to collect a lot of garbage again. But we could not crack the 20.000 kilos with our July CleanUp yet. That only happened a few days later, the missing 190kg did not come from abroad but from our “clean” Germany. 😉 Nervertheless we have been able to dispose the 394,25 kilos as good as possible.

July Cleanup

You want to join us as well next time?

Just check our blog or Facebook, we regularly give you the next appointments for the Plastikrebell© CleanUps. Every month there is a new international CleanUp event! Because we’re pursuing a goal. We want to remove 50,000 kg of (plastic) waste from nature by 2020. We’ve done more than 20,000 kilos in 9 months, we’re optimistic that we can do it with all of you out there. We´re so to have you all on board!

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