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Please find some short answers on the frequently asked questions. This might give you good first overview. In the likely event that you have additional questions, we´re more than happy to answer. Just drop us a mail to hallo@ozeankind.de or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

It´s our aim to raise the awareness of as many people as possible for the consciousness of (single-use) plastic. At the end of the day plastic in all its varieties is a wonderful and versatile product and material – the problem is not plastic itself, but the way we use it.

We try our very best to motivate as many people as possible to reduce their very own consumption of single-use plastic products and to avoid as much plastic as possible in their everyday lives as well as on vacation. It´s about using existing alternatives, consume consciously and about bending down and collecting up if there´s (plastic-) waste in the environment.

We would like to appeal to each and every human being on earth to get active instead of keep on waiting for politicians or for the industry – they will not act if we do not force them to act! Because we think that it will be too late when they would have decided to start. It´s the upcoming ten years which are key – time for a decision: fight for or against our planet.

Our receipt has way more power than most people think it would.
Everything matters, every step is important.

In fact, Ozeankind® e.V. is not really an NGO (by law it is, no worries) – but Ozeankind® e.V. is rather a family.

It´s our intention to stay REALISTIC! We will not ban all plastic or the material worldwide. Never. But this is also what we need to do. We just need to change some things and we need to dramatically improve the way we treat the only environment mankind has. Nobody will save the world alone – but everybody can do something. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

When in many little places many little people will change many little things … it will change the world. But that´s no news for most of us.

We don´t like finger pointing – telling people how they need to live or trying to force them to do something they don´t want does not work too good. Additionally we ourselves do and did something “wrong” – nobody is perfect! And nobody needs to be perfect – searching for mistakes is not the road to success.

We are not scientists or biologists – we are just two normal people doing their very best every day, trying to make a difference, to change something. No matter how small the things you do might be. Trying to face facts and doing our very best to explain problems and issues using our own words.

However … it´s not only our mission any more! Ozeankind® e.V. is not only the idea of two people trying to make the world a better place – it´s rather a platform for a growing number of people who want to change the world.

There are so many people out there who are actively avoiding single-use plastic products, who are collecting up plastic waste or being involved in various environmental projects. We wanna encourage all the people out there to believe in themselves.

Remind them that YOU can make a difference, with everything YOU buy – basically with everything YOU do. “I can’t make a difference” is a common misconception – we should delete this sentence now and forever – it´s simply bullshit.

In fact, Ozeankind® e.V. is not really an NGO (by law it is, no worries) – but Ozeankind® e.V. is rather a family.

There are many ways to support our work. Donations, Memberships or a purchase of an official Ozeankind® product in the Plastikrebell® Shop.

No doubt, we rely on donations and membership fees from private people as well as from sustainable companies – so does almost every other NGO worldwide. That is why you will find various possibilities to donate directly to us on this website. If it´s one Euro or 1.000 Euro – every donation helps us to plan and realize more projects in the near future.

Of course you can become an active registered member of the NGO Ozeankind® e.V. – we offer yearly membership possibilities for almost every wallet size. Also thanks to our registered members we will be able to realize bigger projects in the near future.

With every purchase in the Plastikrebell® Shop you can support the work of Ozeankind® e.V. – although it’s primarily us personally who benefit from the shop, we will donate 5% of our yearly shop-profit to the NGO ourselves in order to use it for the Ozeankind® e.V. projects worldwide.

No, Ozeankind® e.V. is not Zero Waste and not Zero Plastic.

Plastic is not the problem – it´s mankind, our habits and the way we use this material.

It´s our intention to stay as realistic as possible, to reach as many people as possible and to motivate them to change small things instead of collapsing under the pressure of being perfect – worldwide. With the help of local projects worldwide, no matter if small or big, we try to set a good example, improve situations and change things.

Zero Waste and Zero Plastic are not really realistic in 99% of the worlds countries and both ideas also do not fit most of the individual and local situations.

You can´t just come to a place, destroy or ban all plastic products and take care that people will never use single-use plastic again. That´s delusive. And even if it would be possible, it would take too long and it might be too late.

For us it´s more about a change of our own habits when it comes to our consumption of single-use plastic. It´s about educational work, about small changes …. about small-scaled recycling solutions and CleanUps.

We avoid single-use plastic wherever possible, try to find alternatives for throw-away plastic and we collect up the plastic waste of other people. Always. When the red pepper is only available in plastic foil, we probably won´t buy it. When the tomato sauce is available in glass or in a non-recycable tetra pak, the decision is easy – we obviously take the glass version.

It´s about setting up a good example and about giving education or information to people – instead of crusading them.

This is a very frequently asked question – the answer will remain the same.

There a millions of flights – every year. And it´s growing. With or without us. Even if the plane will need a bit more jet fuel in case we´re placing our buts into it. Well, as long as business people all around the world take the place for a 500 miles return trip within Germany or as long as people expect that the latest book from the US or the new dress from Spain arriving by post same- or next-day … environmentally active people should be allowed to use the plan in order to be active.

By the way – as soon as companies will stop producing and selling their soft drinks filled into plastic bottles to countries without any recycling system or as soon as they fly their blue-bottled sunscreen full of reef-harming ingredients all around the world – in this moment we will stop flying immediately. From our point of view it´s also absolutely unrealistic to stop the airlines flying. This is not gonna happen, wake up dreamers 🙂

Before that we´re saving the world. Everybody is invited to do the same. Keep on going on vacation – why? Because if you are collecting up plastic, even if it´s only one pound within two weeks time … or when you are stop sucking on plastic straws in coconuts …. or avoid carrying your fresh fruits around in plastic bags, you do way more than 95% of the people flying in the same plane as you did.

Well, basically there was this one specific vacation back in March 2016. It was a trip with a catamaran in the world of thousand islands on Maldives in the middle of the Indian Ocean … this trip has changed everything and is the cornerstone of Ozeankind®.

It happened right in front of our eyes … our favorite place, the ocean, is in danger. There was plastic waste everywhere. On uninhabited islands. In open waters. Close to turtles surfing in the waves or eating coral. Of course, also at this time, you could find rare reports or documentations about the poor condition of our oceans. But somehow it was “far away”.

Back home in Duesseldorf, in our house, we could not stop thinking about the topic and we felt a powerful and fast-growing wish to change something, to contribute. We have scrutinized ourselves, putting almost everything into question. Step by step. We have seen almost all documentaries and movies about the topic and we have read several studies – in order to get an overview of the global problem. In April 2017 the Ozeankind® blogwas born.

The decision was made: we wanted to do something. Now. That´s why we started back in August 2017 by cleaning plastic waste of other people everywhere.

Even if we do our very best each and every day: we´re still not perfect. And nobody else needs to be perfect. Especially while traveling often there´s simply no possibility to drink tap water or buy water in glass bottles. So not everybody has the opportunity – not in Germany and not in other places in Europe or in the rest of the world.

If we feel the “need” for a coke and there is no glass version … or if we have the desire for a chocolate bar … we really dare to buy it. We are all living in the 21st century – nobody has to move into the forest, mix-up shampoo or avoid any plastic product from now on. Nice, but not needed. However, of course you can do so if you want …! Every change of behavior helps the planet.

We think that if everybody would change small things, re-think the habits, collects up single pieces of plastic instead of being mad at other people or about the situation, it would help the world.

We are Marina and Michael, the two faces behind Ozeankind® e.V. – and we´re a surprisingly normal couple which has decided to change its life. Before becoming Ozeankind® e.V. full-time we were living in the most beautiful city near the River Rhine – in Duesseldorf. We had normal jobs, traveling to the office every morning, working for other peoples dreams.

Find out more about us in this post.

Of course we do not use NGO funds for our private life!

From the very beginning we have tried to setup an online store, the Plastikrebell® Shop … where we are selling sustainable products such as recycling-bracelets, glass straws, money bags made of tetraPak or our own childrens’ book.

When the project named “Ozeankind” has been developed into the NGO Ozeankind® e.V. back in autumn 2018, we needed to make sure to have a passive income (in order to be ready to work full-time for the non-profit – since there is no time for another job as an employee). That is the reason why we have separated the shop from Ozeankind® – especially when it comes to legal requirements.

Today the shops’ profits are paying our personal lifestyle – we can even donate a small percentage to the NGO.

Plus … by german laws if you are working for a non-profit and if you are into education you can get up to 260€/month – for those who speak german – check this link Bundesfinanzministerium.

For sure this is one of the question we hear very often. However the answer is quite easy – since it depends on the place where the plastic waste has been collected.

Generelly we think that for all rubbish there is no place worse than the environment. So this is the first and most important premise.

Basically we always do our very best to find the best possible solution. So on Maldives, to give an example, the best possible solution for the waste might differ from the solution in Germany. As well – the best possible solution for HDPE might differ from the one for PS.

In an ideal world the different materials are sorted and going into the circular recycling system. In our Zanzibar-Project the PET bottles will be sorted, shredderd and then being sold as flakes. From the lids (which are made from HDPE) companies on Zanzibar or on the mainland (Tanzania) create new things, the glass is being sold or donated to the construction industry, the organic material will be composted – and the rest will be burnt (due to missing alternatives).

So it can happen that there is no recycling company which could the plastic. In this case burning waste as controlled as possible seems to be the only (and in this case best) option.

Also the next bin might be an option from time to time.

As you can see – the answer on that question is diverse,