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Earth Day – Kihadhoo, Maldives

Island CleanUp on Kihaadhoo – Earth Day 2017.

It was Earth Day 2017 and together with a bunch of motivated people from the resort and some locals from Kihaadhoo to cleanup their island.
The whole project was a collaborative project of PARLEY, our resort and the people from the neighboring island of Kihaadhoo.

When we have arrived on the island, we saw the sign saying “Volunteers wanted for island clean-up on Kihadhoo island”.

No doubt – we are in!


Kihadhoo is a typical maldivian island – 500 inhabitants and roughly 20 minutes by boat from our resort. As many other islands too, also Kihaadhoo has a waste problem. Things such as energy drinks, colorful chewing gums or gummibears have made their way here. Unfortunately the island people do not know what to do with all their waste … so lots of it ends up near the beaches, in the bush or on the streets (although the word “street” might not be the correct description here).

So for us it was very clear – we will help!

Together with some staff members of the resort (not really sure if the were volunteering), two other tourists as well together with some locals from the island who are working in the resort we went to the island by boat – and we were shocked. From far distance, the island looked so beautiful, like from a picture book, from a postcard, a typical fishing island from Maldives … but the closer you come, the worse it looks … 🙁

There was literally waste everywhere – and unfortunately it seemed to us that the rubbish was not brought to the island by the current, but was actually created ON the island.

The rethink process has started

Later we have been told that many people have already started to rethink – however it needs some time … but, and that is maybe one of the most important things: people have realized that they need to separate their waste and that they need to avoid as much as possible.

In a relatively short time frame we have cleaned up lots of bags full with waste – which we then took with us on the boat back to the resort. And unfortunately lots of the stuff inside was plastic.

It was fun and we were happy that we have helped, however it felt a bit sad that we couldn´t do more. And … it also was quite sad that except us there were only two other tourists who have made their way to the cleanup.

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