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CleanUp with Sharkproject

8th Plastikrebell® CleanUp with our sharky friends.

Only 10 days left. Worldwide, motivated people will go out, pick up waste and recycle it as good as possible. On June 23rd and 24th we will cleanup together with the guys from Sharkproject. Because they absolutely share our message!

What is Sharkproject doing?

SHARKPROJECT is one of the biggest and powerful NGOs worldwide and their absolute main focus is the protection of the species SHARK and the marine ecosystems around those beautiful and important animals. However, beside their main focus – the protection of sharks – they also set an additional focus on the problem of plastic pollution.

They also have a Sharkproject School Education Program where they teach young people why the protection of the sharks is so important. Of course the guys will go out, clean up and try their very best to motivate as many people as possible to follow. Together AGAINST plastic waste.

What is the Plastikrebell-CleanUp?

No matter where you live or where you are. No matter where you will be on this weekend! You can be part of the 8th Ozeankind® Plastikrebell CleanUp 23rd and 24th of June 2018 – 48 hours of action against plastic waste in nature!

We will sum up all the submitted photos and messages, posts with the event hashtags #ozeankind and/or #plastikrebell (Instagram, Facebook, in the community) we will receive during and after the event in order to get a total amount!

Up to 500 people have cleaned up more than 7.5 tons of waste in the last months! What about you?

It does not matter when, how much or how long – just grab a bag and start! No doubt – there is no better place for waste than the nature!

How does the cleanup work?

23rd and 24th of June 2018
EVERYBODY can be part of it
EVERYWHERE in the world
IMPORTANT: after cleaning weigh your waste or make a good guess and share the weight with us – using the event-hashtags: #ozeankind oder #plastikrebell via Instagram, Facebook, Plastikrebell-Community, E-Mail or directly in the facebook event.

Info for disposal:
Depending on the place where you have participated … you can either take the waste home with you – or you can ask in a hotel, in a restaurant, surf school, diving school, boat rental – just ask them. If you need to pay for the disposal on the 23rd/24th of JUNE in GERMANY, just pay and send us the receipt, we gonna refund you.
Or use the one of the official waste bins you can hopefully find.

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