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3rd Ozeankind CleanUp in January

Fighting plastic waste in the environment – the third episode of the international Plastikrebell® CleanUp.

November 153 kilo, December 977 kilo – this was almost a ton – A TON! No matter if plastic bags, plastic bottles, packaging, ropes, car wheels, styrofoam or clothes – everything was picked up and recycled as good as possible! It has happened in nine countries at the same day simultaneously. Although in Germany there was quite a chaos due to snowy weather.

153 and 977 kilo – thanks to the first two cleanup events we have managed to remove more 1.1 tons of plastic and other waste from our environment. On two days only. In many different places.

Third episode of the Plastikrebell® CleanUp – now on two days!

Why two days? Because during the week there are more companies who can participate, on the weekend all the private persons can be part of it. That means … we all have 48 hours to reach this weekends target of 1.000 kilos again!

48 hours and more than 2.000 community members against plastic pollution … sounds quite reasonable! Here are some answers on the most important questions.

It does not matter where and how much you pick up. Make a clear statement against plastic pollution and be part of the 3rd episode of the Plastikrebell® CleanUp.

How to participate?

Check our Facebook page to find the event. So as a first step – tell us that you will be in. This gives us a first idea how many people we can expect. However – even when you don´t have or use facebook, feel free to use any other way to inform us about your participation.

Once registered, it gets very easy … just grab some bags and start on January 26th and/or on January 27th to pick up plastic waste. No matter where, no matter how much,. Alone, with friends, family or your company. On the beach, the river bank, on your way to school, before you start to work, in your lunch break or right in front of your door.

cleanup on Maldives

What is the Ozeankind® Plastikrebell® CleanUp about?

Obviously primarily the goal is to remove as much plastic from the environment. But then, and maybe the more important reason, is to raise awareness, to get more attention. Normally, people who are cleaning up other peoples waste always create attention and maybe motivate more people to engage themselves and make them THINK. WE NEED TO MAKE NOISE ON THIS TOPIC!

But how the heck can you tell us how much you have cleaned up and where?

In order to allow us to have a total amunt in the end, please inform us about the amount as well as the place you´ve cleaned until January 28th at the latest. In an ideal case you even take a picture or video and post it on Instagram or Facebook with one of the following hashtags:
#plastikrebell or #ozeankind

And then, what do I do with the waste afterwards?

We are absolutely aware that there is not a proper recycling system everywhere. Even not in Germany 🙁What? Why the recycling system in Germany is not as good as many people think, you can read here)

But still, from our point of view, EVERY place is better than nature. Always. So please also consider waste bins, ask in hotels or restaurants or ask the local community for a good place for your stuff. It´s very important that it does not end up in nature any more!

I am a company, can I also be part of the event?

Well … SURE! You can be official sponsoring partner of the event … just drop us a mail and we´ll get in contact with you shortly!
Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any other questions. Here, on Facebook, Instagram or by email.
Let us be the change we wanna see in the world!

Be Ozeankind, be a Plastic Rebel!

Marina & Micha

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